Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm Back!

I feel like I've been gone a long time. My computer woes are ended. I took the very sick box into the repair shop so that I didn't have to deal with the phone help. They were excellent! And, they worked with Dell to replace all those broken pieces. A hard drive and video card. The best part was that they took a "snap shot" of the HD before they removed it, and when they put the new one in they loaded it up. I got back my computer working just as it used to before problems! I didn't have to load a thing!! Yippee.

My cold is just about gone. Josh is still a little under the weather, but we gave it to Dave and he's pretty sick. We're hoping all will be well before next week when we plan on taking our big drive south for the winter holiday.

We're anticipating a big storm coming in tonight. It is supposed to give us 3" of snow on our driveway tonight, and 12" on our snowboarding mountain. And, the storm is expected to continue until Tuesday next week! It's about time we get some snow up high.
Our garage door got fixed just in time too. I took the truck out on Tuesday for Josh's guitar lesson. When we got home the door wouldn't open and let us back in. We've had to leave the truck outside. It is frozen over in the mornings when I'm off to the gym. With the big storm coming in tonight, I'm glad the repair man was able to finish the job today. He came yesterday but said he would need to replace the entire bar/cable at the top, under warranty!! That was a pleasant surprise. He came back today with the part and left without needing any money. WHat another nice surprise.

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