Friday, September 11, 2015

Improvements and Other Things

I'm supposed to be working on Class 240.  Good thing while everyone else in this season is having to go back to school, I am not tied to a schedule. :)  And, for the first time ever, I do not have children going off to school this year!  Life is changing.  Seasons are changing.

First, the weather has turned delightful.  Perfect for taking nice rides with hubby on my newer motorcycle. I used to have this one a couple years ago. It was a '91 Honda Nighthawk 250. Previously used as a motorcycle safety class bike with only 2,000 miles on it.  But I soon found that it just didn't go fast enough, or take corners smooth enough ;)

So, I sold it at the end of the season that same year, with the understanding that I was going to hunt down an Adventure 650 bike.  Well... hubby decided I didn't need to spend that much money. lol.  So, it took me 2 years to find this gem on Craigslist at the beginning of this summer! I talked hubby into going with me to take a look.  One look and he said, "what is your hesitation??"

She is a 2012 Kawaski Versys 650, with less than 4,000 miles.  And, yes, she is plenty fast and corners great.  Hubby decided it was so nice that maybe he wanted a bike too!  So, we found a Vstrom 650 deal.  Now, we spend weekends when they are cool enough exploring the back roads and byways.  Last week we took an Experienced motorcycle safety class, STAR.  Lots of fun :)  She is a bit dirty in this pic, as we took a ride along the mountain fireroads. 

And, of course, I still have to stick in our bicycle rides too. So, there has not been that much time for quilting!  oh my!

Class 240 starts with improving workspace.  I think I got that covered with my new George!  lol.
But, I noticed right away while experimenting with him, that I needed MORE light in that corner of the room, outside my sewing room. 

I purchased these from Amazon.   I was able to cut and use one for both machines!

Need more light?  These are wonderful LED's that light up the entire space underneath, and now I don't need to worry about where to put the lamp!

And, I've been practicing a little bit on George.  He is all set up now, and ready to quilt.
These are my first two attempts to see what the tension does, and try my hand at free motion. This is with thread already in bobbin, and the freebie sample thread that came with the box. It is nice Superior variegated thread.
 Then, I swapped out for the brown thread, and a fil-tec prewound bobbin (also samples since I don't have any thread yet for this machine) and this is what I got!  Not so nice anymore. The only real change here was the bobbin! Looking at following picture, you can see the back side where the thread was being pulled all the way to the back.
 So, I played with it until I got it as best as I could considering I'm working with brown on top and white on bottom with totally white fabric.  I chose that combo just so I could really work the tension to learn it.

I decided I really like the idea of Fil-Tec's bobbin and the thread is nice, with no lint and very affordable.  So, I ordered some and am awaiting this bonus package.

So, most of the rest of class 240 was reading about sashing and how to add triangles to diagonal set sashed quilts, cornerstones, frames...  

Lesson 6 is project Cabin in the Cotton. It is a log cabin pattern on diagonal with simple sashing. 
The picture uses 1930 reproduction fabrics and suggests a baby quilt.  My absolute favorite fabrics are the feedsack reproduction fabrics and I have been collecting them, hoping to gain the skills to make something nice with them.  So, I just couldn't bear to use any of my current stash yet. lol.

However, I did find some on ebay that were already cut in jelly roll strips of 10 different fabrics!
This will work perfect :)
I will get to work with my favorite fabric on a trial run! and maybe add to my stash a bit left over??

Anyway, I've been busy, just not moving fast on any one thing. Wish I was further along with using George, but at least cooler weather is on the way, and then it will be winter!

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  1. Nice ride!!! My biker Son bought a Yamaha TDM 850 and took me for a ride yesterday....whohooo. Helmet hair and wind on your cheeks is priceless isn't it:)
    Enjoy!!! ( I envy you ' cause my Honda shadow is " under maintenance" )