Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yes, We Made it Back!

It was a whirl wind trip, with a long drive on both sides. But, the reward was getting to see and spend time with some family and get our teeth cleaned! Aaahh.. slimy smooth teeth again. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I didn't bother sending out cards this year so don't think I must have missed you. I missed everyone and feel really guilty too, but aint doin nothin bout it, ok?

Apparantly we missed all the big snow here while we were gone. Everyone told us how jealous they were that we weren't shoveling our driveway everyday. We came back to just the remains of snow piles that hadn't yet melted. I wish it would have been warmer down south to make us feel like we were priveleged.

We brought back a neice with us. She wanted to learn to snowboard over the second half of vacation then fly back home.
Snowboarding has been good this season, since there is plenty of great snow pack. I got some padding for all of us so that this year there would be no broken tailbones. Wow, what an invention. They work great. Way better than stuffing pillows in the pants. :) I'm actually getting to the point where I can stand up and turn too! I think I'll wear these nifty pants motorcycling too, since I seem to manage bruises falling off my bike.

I'd like to report that we're back to our usual schedule by now. Although the boys are back in school I have yet to figure out a schedule. Dave is home all day most days and things don't get done the same with both of us here at the same time! It's not like he has a room/office he sits in all day doing his own thing. However, I'm happy to report that TODAY he is working! It's the first day since one day last month when he hung some Christmas lights for a neighbor. It's actually been nice to have him around but there is such guilt in spending time enjoying one another's company when at least one of us should be working. Maybe?

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